Heavenly Organs Black Market

Heavenly organs Black Market. Is a team made to ease problems of untimely death. Due to the long lists in waiting for an organ transplant. Common in many hospitals and institutions around the World.  We also give room for donors in need of cash. Our team is not legally registered to operate. In this regard, we will not accept any form of documented agreements. We work undercover with well-trained experts in many nations worldwide. Our services and health care so far are the best. Over the years we operate through referrals. In early 2021 we established social media platforms. So as to reach out to many in need of our services. All our operations are considered illegal by the law. With this regard, we keep the identity of our clients confidential.

What we offer;

Kidney transplant.

Heart transplant.

Intestinal transplant.

liver transplant.

Pancreatic transplant.

Lungs Transplant.

How We Operate

You contact us with your case of transplant or donation. Make sure to be brief enough and straight to the point. Your medical history will be required and you’ll receive a notification from us in the days ahead. Usually when a possible donor is available. (If not at the moment). Next, you will be asked to make a down payment so as to ensure a possible transplant. This is so because many are listed. And our attention will be based on your seriousness and ability to comply.

After all of the above is met, You will be sent an email in less than three days. In this Email, you will be given directions on where to meet with the transporter team. They will bring you alongside one person you will choose to come with. This person will either be a caregiver or your personal doctor.

After the surgery, you will be kept under our intensive care unit for proper monitoring until you recover. During this period all you want will be provided by our team. No phone call or communication of any sort will be permitted.

If you think you can’t trust our transplant experts. Go ahead to fix a date for your surgery, with your trusted hospital. Place your order with the date of your surgery and we will have your organ delivered to you, hours to your surgery.


We accept clients from all around the world with more Emphasis on Europe and America.

Our Main Transplant branch is somewhere in the United States. Other branches in Russia, France, India, Indonesia, Australia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Philippines, etc

Heavenly organs Black Market
Our Experts at Work

we will not hesitate to ignore unserious clients. We have many people worldwide to meet up with. In this regard, we will have no time to communicate with unserious clients. Also, no form of interrogation is allowed. How we get the organs for transplant should not be your concern. Your only concern should be how to get better.

We welcome straightforward clients only to HEAVENLY ORGANS BLACK MARKET.